Here for you

eons LLC is a company focused on giving you the tools you need to succeed. Our goal is to provide the world with innovative technologies that help everyone to lead better lives. Let's make this planet a better home.


Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever your skill level is, we will work with you to get your ideas into the world and reach the heart of communities across the globe.

We build and use open source technologies wherever possible because we believe that collaboration and transparency creates better products.


Through layers of redundancy, automated backups, and regular updates, our products keep you safe and protected. You can rest assured that we will be maintaining and improving your tools day and night.


It's about you. We're here to support. We'll work with you to make sure you have the tools and training necessary to accomplish your goals. As we build and improve our services, you'll get access to those too. Meaning that when you work with us, you're not just getting a product - you're getting a team.

Our Plan

We all want to lead healthier lives, build stronger communities, and see humanity thrive. No matter how we look at it, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Here's one path with a set of technologies that would improve our lives. Check it out and let us know what you think!


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Project will be developed in conjunction with another organization.


Project will be required in the future but no resources have been devoted to it.

python framework

The eons Python Framework allows for easy hacking and sharing of code!

Read full description of the eons python framework


eons Sample Analysis and Manager (esam) is a python tool form scientific data analysis and information processing.

Read full description of esam


The eons Basic Build System is an extensible build tool that can be used for automating nearly any build process.

Read full description of the eons python framework


Infrastructure provides a centralized platform for extending eons tools. It includes package repositories and APIs.

Read full description of the eons infrastructure

web infrastructure

Web Infrastructure provides all the tools and documentation for managing websites.

Read full description of the eons web infrastructure

web development

Web Development provides website design services to clients.

More information available through eons web infrastructure


Nafpigos will be an extensible server provisioning tool.

Read the full description for Nafpigos

mood recorder

Mood Recorder will be an app for tracking personal data and staying healthy.

Read the full description of Mood Recorder


Biology is a framework for biomimicry intended to instill lifelike functionality in state-based computers.

Read full description of the Biology framework.


Cache Tier File System will provide a platform for extensible and intelligent filesystem usage.

Read full description of Cache Tier FS.


Manufacturing will be necessary to supply custom hardware for other projects.


Sustainable energy will be necessary for manufacturing, research, computing, and all other community functionality.


An efficient supply chain will help to optimize the performance of all community resources.


Land will be necessary for building community resources.


Federated societal units will form the basis of humanity's future. These groups will be responsible for legal and functional proceedings of their tribe.


A legal system will be necessary to ensure workflows are properly implemented and guidelines are safely followed.


A secure form of decision making and execution will exist for communities to decide on what practices to employ and what rules to follow.


Biology, when applied to hardware, will allow robots to learn and respond to novel challenges. This intelligence will be harnessed to improve automation efficiency and robustness.


Improved automation and societal infrastructure will allow communities to maintain their own food production as the global climate changes.


Constellatus will use intelligent processing to connect any information into a single graph database.

Read the full description of Constellatus.

lab automation

Lab automation will utilize improved automation systems to reduce the cost and time required for scientific advancement.

age research

Age research will buy humans more time to solve the world's problems.


Treatments will be tested and proven reasonably safe before being given to communities.

research facilities

Advancements in automation and community development can be harnessed by high-tech research facilities which will deliver treatments for ailments faced by communities at an expedited pace.

community info

A central, federated system of tracking community information will be used to inform and improve all other community processes.

bio programming

A biological programming language will allow for arbitrary and iterative advancement of molecular machinery.

bio build system

A compilation process for assembling DNA and growing organisms based on text will allow for faster and more robust research.

genetic engineering

Genetic engineering can be used to find and develop novel treatments for numerous diseases.