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    Executive Summary


    Business Plan

    Executive Summary

    eons LLC is an artificial general intelligence (AGI) company focused on vertical integration of cloud technologies.

    eons is owned by Séon with the support of Rob and Sam. We're talented scientists, designers, and programmers but lack investment funds.

    We offer 3 kinds of products:

    1. Code products provided open source and free to use.
    2. Hosted cloud services priced to the service and usage.
    3. Custom development and consulting charged hourly.

    We have a consistent and growing client base. However, company revenue is less than expenses and is provided almost entirely by our Web Infrastructure website development and hosting platform.

    eons is pre-seed and seeking to raise $350,000 for development of our data analytics products: Develop Biology and Constellatus.


    eons LLC was incorporated at the request of our clients but has been a goal of ours for many years. If successful, this company will provide humanity with the tools necessary to achieve immortality. If we fail, we still intend to leave this world better than we found it. In light of these aspirations, the "holy grail" that is artificial general intelligence is but a first step on our journey.

    Our small team and global infrastructure have proven both agile and robust, meeting the needs of new clients while maintaining the great service expected of us. We stay ahead of popular technologies by building automation into every level of our work and stacking our products so that they feed back onto each other to create strong foundations.

    People want to use eons LLC because we offer better services at lower prices than most competitors. People stay with us because we're good at what we do and our tech works.

    All work done by eons is carried out remotely. eons does not maintain a physical location for business; however, physical mail can be sent to 10580 N. McCarran Blvd. Ste 115 #221 Reno, NV 89503.

    Company Structure

    eons LLC is a Limited Liability Company and Sole Proprietorship owned and operated by Séon O'Shannon.

    eons LLC is currently pre-seed.


    The eons team has experience in:

    • Chemistry & Biochemistry
    • Studio Art
    • Software, Cloud Technologies, & IT
    • Business & Leadership
    • Customer relations

    We are do-ers and leaders good at making things happen.

    What we lack is financial support; we've just been bootstrapping ourselves as best we can.


    Robert Gilley

    Web Developer and Software Engineer


    Sam Stollerman

    Artist & Web Developer

    2018-09-14 13.03.39

    Séon O’Shannon

    Owner & Software Engineer

    Exit Strategy


    The company will continue to be run by Séon until it becomes too large to be run by a single individual. At that point, the company will be reincorporated as a C Corporation and a board of directors will be formed from existing business partners. This reincorporation will be followed by an initial public offering (IPO) to raise capital and expand the company further.

    We're likely looking at an exit after a series B.

    Cap Table


    So far, we offer:

    • Devops tools like ebbs (open source) and Infrastructure (hosted service).
    • Website development & hosting through Web Infrastructure.

    We are currently working on:

    • Mood Recorder, an emotional health and wellness app.
    • Our AGI flagship project: Develop Biology.

    We are partnering with other companies to build out:

    • Manufacturing connections.
    • IoT systems to host our AGI software.
    • Automated food production.


    At this time, eons LLC primarily generates revenue through the website development and custom software industries.


    Here's our full product roadmap. We keep this updated.


    You can use this today!


    The project is currently being worked on.


    Project resources have been obtained but work has not yet started.


    Project will be developed in conjunction with another organization.


    Project will be required in the future but no resources have been devoted to it.

    python framework

    The eons Python Framework allows for easy hacking and sharing of code!

    Read full description of the eons python framework


    eons Sample Analysis and Manager (esam) is a python tool form scientific data analysis and information processing.

    Read full description of esam


    The eons Basic Build System is an extensible build tool that can be used for automating nearly any build process.

    Read full description of the eons python framework


    Infrastructure provides a centralized platform for extending eons tools. It includes package repositories and APIs.

    Read full description of the eons infrastructure

    web infrastructure

    Web Infrastructure provides all the tools and documentation for managing websites.

    Read full description of the eons web infrastructure

    web development

    Web Development provides website design services to clients.

    More information available through eons web infrastructure


    Nafpigos will be an extensible server provisioning tool.

    Read the full description for Nafpigos

    mood recorder

    Mood Recorder will be an app for tracking personal data and staying healthy.

    Read the full description of Mood Recorder


    Biology is a framework for biomimicry intended to instill lifelike functionality in state-based computers.

    Read full description of the Biology framework.


    Cache Tier File System will provide a platform for extensible and intelligent filesystem usage.

    Read full description of Cache Tier FS.


    Manufacturing will be necessary to supply custom hardware for other projects.


    Sustainable energy will be necessary for manufacturing, research, computing, and all other community functionality.


    An efficient supply chain will help to optimize the performance of all community resources.


    Land will be necessary for building community resources.


    Federated societal units will form the basis of humanity's future. These groups will be responsible for legal and functional proceedings of their tribe.


    A legal system will be necessary to ensure workflows are properly implemented and guidelines are safely followed.


    A secure form of decision making and execution will exist for communities to decide on what practices to employ and what rules to follow.


    Biology, when applied to hardware, will allow robots to learn and respond to novel challenges. This intelligence will be harnessed to improve automation efficiency and robustness.


    Improved automation and societal infrastructure will allow communities to maintain their own food production as the global climate changes.


    Constellatus will use intelligent processing to connect any information into a single graph database.

    Read the full description of Constellatus.

    lab automation

    Lab automation will utilize improved automation systems to reduce the cost and time required for scientific advancement.

    age research

    Age research will buy humans more time to solve the world's problems.


    Treatments will be tested and proven reasonably safe before being given to communities.

    research facilities

    Advancements in automation and community development can be harnessed by high-tech research facilities which will deliver treatments for ailments faced by communities at an expedited pace.

    community info

    A central, federated system of tracking community information will be used to inform and improve all other community processes.

    bio programming

    A biological programming language will allow for arbitrary and iterative advancement of molecular machinery.

    bio build system

    A compilation process for assembling DNA and growing organisms based on text will allow for faster and more robust research.

    genetic engineering

    Genetic engineering can be used to find and develop novel treatments for numerous diseases.


    The markets targeted by eons LLC are relatively saturated. For example, there is an abundance of web hosting companies and web development agencies. However, there is also an abundance of work available.

    Unfortunately, our competitors generally fail in one or more of the following ways:

    1. New technologies are not fully taken advantage of, leading to overpriced or outdated products.
    2. The product offered is underdeveloped or unstable, leaving users with a broken or only partially working service.
    3. How to use a product is not clear and help is inadequate, leaving users dissatisfied or forced to buy a different service.
    4. The product rests entirely on another company, adding little value and a large markup in price.

    Simply knowing which companies and products fail in the above ways has allowed us to offer beneficial consultation to its existing clients, saving them time, money, and quite a bit of frustration.

    The products we offer avoid the above pitfalls through 3 simple mechanisms:

    1. Abundant fail-safes, ensuring a secure and operational service.
    2. Automatic updates, ensuring software never goes out of date or becomes insecure.
    3. Tight developer to client relationships, ensuring that clients always have the best support and that new products directly address client needs.


    Currently, the ideal clients for eons LLC are those who sit between either:

    1. Scientific research and public knowledge.
    2. Public knowledge and technology development.

    In the first case, we can help by providing a framework for publishing research and making ideas more digestible. In the second case, we can help by directly developing or providing consulting and assistance to groups working on new technologies. Ideally, these two client bases will converge around eons, creating a feedback loop that leads to many first-to-market innovations.


    Looking to the future, eons LLC is taking on some of the largest companies in the world through AGI and cloud technologies. It is our intent not to meet these companies head on, but rather, provide affordable and custom-tailored data solutions to our clients. Besides, all our tech is open source, and since AGI will touch every imaginable industry, there will be plenty of market share available to all. We want our technological independence and to make sure the market stays fair.

    Existing Clients

    eons LLC continues to be a key part in the function and growth of these organizations:

    A few smaller organizations and political campaigns also rely on Web Infrastructure and our other products.


    Here, we provide an updated overview of our income and expenditures. To protect the privacy of our clients, only amounts in and out are shown and all sources of income are hidden.

    Currently, eons LLC is operating at a deficit and is primarily financed by Séon's credit cards.